Multi-Cultural Club

helping handsOur mission is to develop cultural awareness, understanding and a sense of belonging among New River Community College students on our campus and in our community. Students may be our main focus, but we will work collaboratively with other offices, serving as a resource for faculty, staff and administration.

We work toward building an environment in which cultural diversity is highly valued, differences are respected, and people from other cultures and lifestyles can flourish. We support the development of the whole person by providing programs, opportunities for learning, and teaching and personal growth.

Featured Event

food sale spring 2012

Year 2011 spring semerster the Multicultural Club raised funds and donated to Heifer Internationals. We raised $620 through international food sale, bake sale and donations and donated that amount heifer Internationals towards buying

Gardner's Gift Basket




Flock of Chicks








New Beginning Gift Basket


(1 share)






Trio of Rabbits




Honey Bees


(2 item)


Earth Basket


(1 item)


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