Computer Aided Design



Jeff Levy
Levy, Jeff

Instructor of Drafting, CAD Program Head
Division of Business and Technologies
Office: New River Mall Site, Room 121
Phone: 540-674-3600 Ext: 4362



  • Former Sgt. In United States Air Force
  • Graduated from Radford University with a Bachelor of Science in Design
  • Worked in Industry as Architectural, Structural, Civil CAD Tech and Designer
  • Taught CAD/Drafting and Design for 7 years at Pulaski County Technical Center
  • Was the Lead T&I Teacher in Drafting/CAD for Virginia's Department of Education from 2000 to 2003
  • Chaired committee that developed competencies for all secondary drafting programs in the state of Virginia
  • In 2002 was cited for the creation of a nationally recognized CAD/Drafting curriculum which was piloted in 2003-2004 in over 500 high schools throughout the United States by Project Lead the Way
  • With the strong support of the college administration, by 2003 was able to build his T&I CAD program to the largest in the state of Virginia
  • In 2003 completed requirements for the first high school curriculum to be certified by the ADDA  Intl. (American Design & Drafting Association) in the state of Virginia
  • In 2004 was asked to head the Eastern Regional Curriculum Certification Board
  • In 2004 was inducted into the ADDA Hall of Honors
  • In 2004 took over the CAD program at New River Community College
  • In 2006 NRCC became an official testing site for ADDA's national certification exam
  • In 2007, along with Carlotta Eaton, head of the I.T. department at New River, started the first game technology degree program offered at any college in the state of Virginia
  • In 2007 was elected to the National Board of Directors for the ADDA
  • In 2007 headed up a team to re-write the National Architectural Certification Exam for the ADDA Intl.
  • In 2007 worked with ACE, American Council of Education, in evaluating Military Courses for the U.S. Navy SEA BEAS in Port Hueneme, California.
  • In 2008 oversaw the concept Designs of 2 UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) Designs by the Advanced 3D Modeling Class at New River Community College in conjunction with several organizations/corporations around the U.S.
  • In 2009 was elected to the position of LEAD CAD/Drafting instructor for the Virginia Community College System
  • In 2009 was appointed to the position of Director of Architecture for the United States by ADDA Intl.
  • In 2009 worked with the ACE program again to evaluate Military Courses for U.S. Army courses in Washington, D.C.
  • In 2009 was elected along with New River Community College to ADDA Intl.’s Hall of Honors
  • In 2009 the New River’s CAD Dept. was selected to be an educational partner with Phoenix Integration, a company that develops design software for UAV defense contractors around the country and the globe and was granted over a quarter of a million dollars worth of design software that students will be trained on in Spring of 2010.
  • In 2009 oversaw the second set of UAV concept designs that were completed by the graduating class in Advanced 3D modeling.  Projects were sent to over 30 companies for evaluation and are being reviewed by both NASA and the SKUNKWORKS a division of LOCKHEED MARTIN (responsible for the development of f117 stealth Fighter and the SR71 Blackbird) in Palmdale, California.