Computer Aided Design



green screen and after effects

We use the green screen to insert real people into 3D worlds, 3D objects into the real world, and special effects such as lense flares and effects you would expect from a Michael Bay production.

This is brand new technology for us, so check our YouTube channel for better examples of what we're doing through the semesters, and see the work our students put together!


Please Check Out Our YouTube Channel Here!


The classes around the green screen focus mainly on fixing lighting to make objects look like they are actually in the scene. It also focuses on making 3D objects look even more like they belong in a scene by matching the lighting, color, and shadows of the object to the scene. The uses and possibilities for the software and equipment become almost endless, allowing the imagination of the student to truly take control of their own world, and it enables them to display their thoughts and creativity to the world.


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