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BM Degree

Supervision and Leadership Certificate




The Supervision and Leadership career studies certificate is designed to enhance individuals' management/supervisory skills, written communications, understanding of the legal environment of U.S. business and understanding of the different philosophies in Quality Control. This program is a partnership with Virginia Tech and New River Community College. However, the program can be modified for other non-profit organizations or for the private sector.

First Semester (Fall)

Catalog   Course Title Credits
BUS 111 Principles of Supervision I 3
BUS 226 Computer Business Applications 3

Second Semester (Spring)

Catalog   Course Title Credits
BUS 112 Principles of Supervision II 3
BUS 236 Communication in Management 3
BUS 205 Human Resource Management1 3

Third Semester (Fall)

Catalog   Course Title Credits
BUS 201 Organizational Behavior1 (or PSY 126 or PSY 200) 3
BUS 265 Ethical Issues in Management 3

Total Credits:


1 Credit for these courses may be earned by successfully completing the
   Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) Exam.



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