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Music Course 121 - 35 Music Appreciation (Online Course)

Many of us spend our life listening to music, whether aware or unaware. Music surrounds us, fills the airwaves and influences us in so many ways. What is the definition of music? After all, what is “music” to one's ears may not be music to another's. Where does music come from? Why does music sound the way it does? How is the music of today linked to the past? Why should pop musicians be grateful to Bach?

This class provides an overall understanding of music, an overall appreciation for its past, present and potential future. Music has always had an impact on its listeners and has been used to promote the ideals of different civilizations. Like architecture, literature and art, music has evolved over the centuries…a living mirror and history of man's evolution and philosophy which has the power to reveal to our “modern” ears the sounds of the past: mysticism, reverence, love, passion, joy, sorrow and celebration…

Come and share this common musical thread and discover how much we have in common with those of long ago. It is in understanding this past that we can put into perspective our musical present.

Course Materials

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OnMusic Appreciation 3rd Edition OnMusic Appreciation Standard for Blackboard


Getting Started

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q: Can MUS 121 Music Appreciation apply to my degree?

    A: Yes. If you need humanities credits, MUS 121 fulfills 3 credits.

  • Q: Are these credits transferable to another institution?

    A: Absolutely

  • Q: Why take these courses at New River?

    A: New River Community College has been a leader in distance education and online courses. This particular online course is supported by an instructor who is passionate and knowledgeable about music and wants to instill that same passion and knowledge to her students through the interactive forum of online education.

  • Q: Who is this class designed for?

    A: This class is designed for the student who feels comfortable working online and who needs the convenience of taking a course outside of the normal lecture time due
    to work related, family or physical restraints.

  • Q: What course materials do I need?

    A: The student needs to acquire OnMusic Appreciation Standard for Blackboard from the Bookstore at NRCC.

  • Q: Does it cost anything for the Distance Education CD-ROMs?

    A: Not at all!

  • Q: Is this course entirely online? Can I be somewhere else and still take this course?

    A:It is entirely online, with the exception of the Midterm and Final Exams.  These exams will be taken at one of the testing centers at NRCC.  If you need a proctor because you live elsewhere, just fill out the proctor forms that are located in blackboard so that a proctor can be arranged for you.

  • Q: Does this class use Blackboard?

    A: Yes. The entire course is online using Blackboard at NRCC. This course is accessed once you have registered your OnMusic Appreciation Standard for Blackboard code.

  • Q: Do I need to come on campus for any part of the course?

    A: Only for the Midterm and Final Exams. Everything else is done online.

  • Q: How do I pronounce the instructor's name “Billaud”?

    A: Very easy! Say the letter “B” and then “yo”. Put them together and now you are speaking French!