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Municipal, County & State Enforcement Virginia Criminal Justice Links Attorney General of Virginia
Federal Criminal Justice VA Dept of Public Safety
US Dept of Justice VA State Police
VA Dept of Juvenile Justice
US Attorney General
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) VA Dept of Alcohol & Beverage Control
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Office of Commonwealth Preparedness
US Border Patrol VA Dept of Criminal Justice Services
US Marshall's Office VA Dept of Corrections
US Dept of Treasury VA Courts
US Secret Service Supreme Court of Virginia
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Appeals Court of Virginia
Immigration and Naturalization Service VA Criminal Sentencing Commission
Federal Bureau of Prisons VA Sex Offender Registry
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Oyez, US Supreme Court Multimedia World Lecture Hall
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National Center for State Courts
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Federal Justice Statistics Resource Center
National Criminal Justice Reference Service
American Correctional Association

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